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A young girl and boy set out on a wondrous adventure, to explore the galaxies, stars and save one of the neighbouring universes. Little do they know, that it would be more troublesome than they thought. Avoiding their parents and finding a way to make it there, the unlikely duo have to find a way.

Excerpt from the book

‘We use quantum physics.’ Cadmium replied. ‘It has been known for ages that two objects far apart can still be connected, in Einstein’s String Theory. So, we just use that, as a method of teleportation.’ 

Hazel looked astounded. ‘I have one question,’ she said. ‘Do you have Einstein in your universe?’


“The story is so gripping keeping the reader’s attention till the end and beyond. There is a wonderful message hidden in the book as well although it may look like a work of fiction.” –  Rayapudi

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